Gone is Jim Humble List of MMS Suppliers?

Where are the MMS Suppliers?

I Googled this week for the Jim Humble MMS Suppliers and found that he no MMS suppliers on his website. He used to have hundreds of MMS suppliers listed from all over the world. How do the people find the suppliers, now? Jim Humble says to Google for them.

There are 3 approved USA MMS suppliers that ship to the states listed below and all other US States and also to Canada, Mexico, Central and South America, Europe, Africa, etc. to all the countries in the world — unless water purification drops are not allowed to enter their country.

For USA MMS shipments it takes 2 to 3 days via USPS flat rate Priority Mail to arrive.

1) Ohio Miracle Mineral – MMS Supplier, 2) Oklahoma Miracle Mineral – MMS Supplier, 3) Oregon Miracle Mineral – MMS Supplier, 4) Pennsylvania Miracle Mineral – MMS Supplier, 5) Rhode Island Miracle Mineral – MMS Supplier, 6) South Carolina Miracle Mineral – MMS Supplier, 7) South Dakota Miracle Mineral – MMS Supplier, 8) Tennessee Miracle Mineral – MMS Supplier, 9) Texas Miracle Mineral – MMS Supplier

(MMS is the old name) Water purification Drops Suppliers below:

Healthy Products — The Reiki Ranch Store has many  alternative items to help you  on the path to wellness, recovery and to again lead a happy life. MMS – water purification drops are Jim Humble’s original formula of 28% sodium chlorite and when activated becomes chlorine dioxide — worlds most safe and most powerful anti-viral agent — also called MMS – Miracle mineral solution.  Purchase WPD here: http://reikiranch.net

Alternative MMS and Magnesium salt at the Subtle Energy Therapy.org has the wonderful MMS in the two little 2 oz green bottles for traveling.  This Jim Humble approved company ships world wide everyday except Sunday. Travelers:  Taking a vacation – traveling on a plane or train? You will be safe from swine flu and bad water anywhere you travel. The little green bottles of MMS travel size are now labeled “Water Purification Drops” and WPD as required by Jim Humble. WPD -water purification bottles have been sold for hikers and campers for 78 years around the world. . Get the WPD and activator bottles for travel safety. Buy here:  http://subtleenergytherapy.org

Purchase your MMS -Miracle Mineral Solution (Professional Grade)™: Alternative health supplies, Health care professionals and retailers provide only the best to clients and customers.  Stock up on your supplies — Get extra MMS Professional™ here also for family and friends.  100% authentic and original “breakthrough” formula. MMS Miracle  Ships in one to three business days.  4fl. oz.  Buy here:  http://mmsmiracle.com/tvance


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